Quilt Challenge Project


This year’s challenge is to create a quilt that showcases pieced, foundation pieced or appliqued SPOOLS. You may use spool fabric, but that alone will not qualify for the challenge.

Challenge rules:
1. The quilt must be newly made expressly for this challenge.
2. The front of the quilt must include pieced, foundation pieced OR appliqued spools. At least one of these three methods must be used. At least one third of the quilt must be spools.
3. Backing of the quilt may be any type of fabric.
4. Quilt may be any size, with a minimum of 60”x60”, or minimum perimeter of 240”.
5. Quilt may be any shape, as long as it is at least the minimum perimeter. It can be dimensional and it can be “artsy”. Embellishments are allowed. Let imagination be your guide!
6. Any color or color combination.
7. Tied, hand or machine quilted. Quilt must be completed and bound to qualify for prizes.
8. Piecing must be done by one person, but the quilt can be completed by any machine or long arm quilter.
9. The “challenge” will be to spool around with different ideas, techniques and/or fabrics. And to have a fun time creating a one of a kind quilt.

Completed project will be due shortly before the May meeting for evaluation. They will be displayed at the May meeting and a Viewer’s Choice award given. Please let Beth or Gail know by the April meeting if you plan on displaying your quilt at the May meeting.

We hope you find this to be a fun project and that it may even take you a bit outside of your “comfort zone”.


Create a pincushion. Any size, any color, something fun. We thought a table full of cute pincushions would be fun to do. There will be a few small prizes for viewer’s choice. And on the plus side, if you want to donate your pincushion to the next year door prize committee, we are sure the donation would be appreciated.

Thank you! Have a fun time creating, sewing, quilting!

Beth, Gail, Terry